Tips from Charles Oropallo

What is Charles Tips?

Charles Tips is a little corner of the web. It’s where USMC veteran Charles Oropallo, owner and founder of CharlesWorks in Peterborough, NH, deposits various tidbits of information for consumption later as needed by whomever.

Charles Oropallo had written The Web Corner articles which had been appearing in The Monadnock Shopper News from October 3, 2018 through March 27, 2019. To Charles’s surprise, once the newspaper articles stopped, Charles heard from many local readers inquiring about his articles and whether they would appear there again and so on. As a result, Charles’s articles continued to appear here on a weekly basis as Charles Tips.

One of the primary goals of Charles Tips has been to provide computer related information that will remain easy to read and understandable. Charles’s goal has always been to present short, easy reads. Hopefully these inspire web topic conversations among Charles Tips readers.

Which Charles Oropallo is tipping?

Charles Oropallo, CharlesWorks founder, Peterborough NH
Charles Oropallo, CharlesWorks founder and owner, Peterborough, NH

Numerous individuals on the planet are named Charles Oropallo. That came as quite a surprise to this one! Growing up, Charles was never able to find another family named Oropallo – much less another individual named Charles Oropallo.

The Charles Oropallo from Peterborough, New Hampshire, on the left, will share tips on this site. He is the same Charles who founded CharlesWorks, a web development company also located in Peterborough, NH.

It is Charles Oropallo’s thought that, hopefully, there will be something you find of use here.

As most of you already know, in addition to the many useful materials and information on the web, there is a lot of pretty useless stuff out there. The worst is the actual disinformation. In Charles’s opinion, most of the useless material actually stems from campaigns aimed at selling worthless junk that most folks are better off avoiding.

Some of the stuff found on the web is amazing just based on the sheer uselessness of it. If you’ve studied people over time, as Charles Oropallo has, this really starts to make sense.

The web in general reminds Charles Oropallo of one of his favorite sayings by George Carlin. It went something like: “This is America, where if you nail any two things together, some schmuck will buy it.”

George was so right! And, as an aside, oh, the fun he’d have had with the politics since 2016…

More about this Charles Oropallo

In November 1977, this particular Charles Oropallo authored and implemented something called a Bulletin Board System (BBS). He called it called Access-80. The BBS operated on a Radio Shack TRS-80 Model I, Level II microcomputer. Access-80 was a purely hobbyist endeavor. Charles hoped to allow fellow computer enthusiasts to share information and even meet when possible.

There were only a limited number of such systems online devoted to public use on the entire planet.

Specifics About Access-80

Access-80 provided personal messaging for local computer enthusiasts. It originally went online from Charles’s residence on Ridge Road in East Greenbush, NY. Access-80 was a hobbyist endeavor Charles did while running Oropallo Construction full time. A 300 baud modem and home brewed auto answering device connected it to dial-up over phone lines. Relative speed and technological changes have been immense – today’s dial-up (if you can even find it at all) at its fastest speed is 53,000 bits per second compared to 300 then!

Access-80 was also concurrently placed online in Schenectady, NY. It was operated there by a friend and fellow computer enthusiast of Charles’s, Brian. Brian worked at Ellis Hospital in Schenectady at the time.

In 1982, Charles moved from the Albany, NY area to April Drive in Nashua, NH, and so did Access-80. Charles’s original Nashua Access-80 setup is shown at

Before long, Access-80 was run by Charles’s friend Carl Robertson concurrently online in Londonderry, NH as well as Nashua, NH. Access-80 remained online until 1987.

Then Came CharlesWorks

Charles Oropallo founded CharlesWorks in June of 1998 in order to provide reliable and affordable hosting and web development solutions. During the initial stages of Charles’s work he was only providing Internet connectivity for several personal and organizational websites at very low speed.

Charles’s desire to provide reliable and affordable Internet, website development, and email solutions moved CharlesWorks into more commercially oriented markets. Despite focusing on business websites, Charles’s team still helps individuals get personal sites and blogs on the web.

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